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Schwenksville Garden Club

Outdoor Classroom Groundbreaking - November 2017
Outdoor Classroom Groundbreaking                    
Outdoor Classroom

Mission Statement
    The Schwenksville Elementary Garden Club was formed with the intention of planning and designing a revitalized landscape and supporting ongoing maintenance for the school grounds that would reflect the pride we have in our school and community. Through this endeavor, we will assist to monitor and maintain a safe outdoor space for the children to play and socialize. 
    The Garden Club will assist to supplement educational programs and activities for the students, encouraging environmental stewardship and a connection with nature. We support sustainable practices and encourage children and their families to reduce waste, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible. 
    In order to promote a strong link between school and home, the Garden Club will encourage parents and families to participate in outdoor and gardening activities, assisting their children to implement lessons learned at home whenever possible. 
    We will strive to identify and utilize valuable resources and expertise within our school families, staff and community.

Goals for 2017-18

Focus: “Taking the Classroom Outside”
Development of an Outdoor Classroom Area
  • Development of an Interactive/Educational Children’s Garden, collaborating with Teachers to include areas and activities for curriculum integration
  • Playground clean-up and ongoing landscape improvement and maintenance of school grounds
  • Fall and Spring Garden Clean Up Days
  • Earth Day projects, activities and Family Celebration·
  • Monthly planning meetings

Garden Club Meeting Dates


Upcoming Events

Garden Club Meeting Minutes
Current Garden Club Meeting Minutes
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